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Business Data and Web Analytics

Data analytics for businesses has been Allure’s Forte since inception. Our efforts to jump start through the learning curve and investments on the team and trainings have yielded desired results.

Our team is a unique blend of data scientists and business experts working in tandem to get the insights every organization needs to make informed decisions.

Understand Your Best Customers and Find Others Like Them

Although not many understand Data analysis, customer segmentation and predictive modeling, We believe that most of you are very familiar with the 80/20 rule . Regardless of how it is referred  to it, it states that for many events roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Of course, in business it’s all about 80% of your sales coming from 20% of your customers. You essentially remain in business due to the support of a small portion of your existing customer base―your best customers.

At Allure, we view Customer analysis as an initial step in using analytics as part of the digital marketing process. It’s certainly not the holy grail of Database marketing , but it is a technique that will help you identify your best customers. What attributes do your best customers have in common that make them… well, your best customers? Obviously it makes a lot of sense to better understand who these folks are so you can

a) retain your best customers and

b) create new customers by targeting your marketing and prospecting efforts toward those whom most resemble them.

How to Make Data Analysis Work for Your Digital Marketing

Data analysis certainly has a place in identifying your best customers and, even more importantly, helping you better understand those purchasing attributes that distinguish your best customers. As a purchasing predictive tool, Data Analysis will provide you with a historic snapshot of what your customers are like, allow you to make more informed decisions on the most responsive segments within your database, and help you identify certain traits and behaviors that you can leverage in the future. However, since the predictive model only relies on these variables, it should only be the starting point in identifying the factors that help predict customer purchases. These variable that define your best customers are then simplified and overlayed on potential customers and identify similar patterns.

Allure Strategies assists many of our clients with their data mining efforts, and one size does not fit all. Please reach out if you’d like to have a conversation regarding your database needs and how Allure can help you take that first step in the analytics process. And if you’ve already taken this step, we’ll be happy to offer next steps as you look to capitalize on the full potential of your data mining efforts.