Social Media marketing is a way businesses engage their target customers through social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, You tube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram  and other blogging or community networks.

We work with our customers to understand the business and messaging needs to devise the social media strategy.  Then the near term and long term objectives of the proposed social media programs are agreed and Allure sets out to create a compelling and engaging communication channel for users across chosen social platforms.

Content rules in this space too and is a key parameter as in other proven areas of digital marketing. Content is broadcasted through social texts, social media images, viral campaigns, videos, community blogs, influencer discussions and infographics mode.

Each of this platforms have their unique environment and Allure has the experience and technical acumen to  amplify the brand values consistently across all of them.

Paid display advertising is part of the campaigns if we find it appropriate. Increase in communication channels and a meaningful engagement enables to understand the target community deeper and better.

Allure has a proven track record of registering a good ROI in SMM space.

Online reputation is another avenue where brands don’t want to miss out. Brand images built over a life time can be ruined in a day by adverse online comments.

Online reputation management is a way improving or restoring your company or brand’s image in online forums as you want them to be.

No one has absolute control over what appears on the internet. However Allure with its team of seasoned professionals would help you to salvage instances where company or brand reputation is at stake. We give you the online makeover and serve good in restoring  your reputation online to segments that matter to you.

Do speak to us to understand how we have created a framework to ORM for companies and individuals.

Email Marketing


No company has died because they spent too much time talking to their customers

Life Cycle email marketing is sending the Right message to the Right customer at the Right time for the Right kind of engagement.

There’s more to email marketing than just the mechanics. Personally we have worked with lots of clients whose marketing team does not like coding and tweaking the email templates. The capability of LifeCycle email campaign is transformatively amazing for the right person at the right person sending the right sort of email.

In particular, there’s a lot of art in crafting emails which convince customers to convert, doing product and page design such that users consent to contact in the first place, structuring email campaigns such that there’s an overarching narrative to the experience, and tracking the effectiveness of email in improving your business’ results. It will only take a few resources of dedicated effort, due to the ability of lifecycle emails to make major improvements in the bottom line. Want to get your emails “to market” faster and skip the few months of failing your way forward: timing, copywriting, implementation, optimization, etc etc. reach us we design a tailor made Life Cycle email campaigns understanding the consumer behavior and your pain points.

It is all about engaging the customers the right way to convert them to be soon be your spokesperson.

Email will be used for Life Cycle marketing starting with a Welcome email, then monthly newsletter, trigger email, referral email

campaigns and promotional emails. Frequency testing, creative testing, channel testing and pURLS will be features on all our email campaigns