About US

The big intriguing question with every marketer is the relevance of 4 P’s in today’s digital world. There are multiple schools of thought and we are not yet there with a widely accepted framework. Would we really have one in these fast changing times when terms like behavioral micro-targeting are getting prevalent within digital realm now. There are no answers at the moment.

While expert marketers are trying to reframe the much acclaimed founding principles of marketing our thought @ Allure Strategies has been consistent with times. We build Meaningful end user Engagement aligned with our customer’s business objectives.

We are a bunch of technology geeks and business professionals who love nature for all its splendor and the way it has adapted and evolved. The theatre of mother earth with its mix of lives that emote, disruptive technology advancements and avenues of co-existence have long fascinated us and will do so for lot others too, undoubtedly.
Drawing inspiration from Nature in more ways than one, we pay our gratitude back and most of our CSR work is directed towards that.

We facilitate our customers to embrace change, evolve and grow through the challenges when business models and boundaries are getting redefined at a fast clip. One of our prominent tasks invariably is to resonate the brand values consistently across user connect platforms and amplify them for better business returns. Our methodological approach tracks the projects for overarching strategy and its implementation. We do it datalytically and digitally though!

Meet us @Allure Strategies, a digital technology and business consulting company. We understand that every business is unique and offer a bespoke spectrum of integrated digital marketing experiences for our client’s businesses.

We are a passionate team that architects client’s comprehensive success in the Mach number paced digital landscape. Our belief in growth depends only on the success of our customers and nothing else.
We Make Your Business Relevant and drive ROI through structured digital marketing Strategies and Execution measures.

Allure Strategies is a full service Boutique marketing company that specializes in data-driven digital strategies for varied businesses and their high impactful execution across digital avenues for better ROI.